Shoreham and Southwick


A few years ago, the Church of the Good Shepherd joined the parishes of Old Shoreham (St Nicolas), New Shoreham (St Mary de Haura), Kingston Buci (St Giles and St Julian's) in Shoreham and the parish of St Michael and All Angels, Southwick, to become part of “The Shoreham and Southwick Group Ministry”. 


A Group is not the same as a Team, as each parish retains their own separate and distinct existence. However, it provides flexibility and a basis for collaborative working, which includes enabling the clergy and other licensed ministers to work across all the other churches within the group. The hope is that, as clergy and laity across the group work closer together, each parish can learn, share and draw upon the wider range of talent and skills available across the group to enhance our mission and ministry to the local area. In 2013, work is being done to increase the amount we do together as a Group, and to agree on areas where Group working would improve our Mission in the Shoreham and Southwick communities.


Along with all of the Diocese of Chichester, our Group came under review to see where savings could be made in the number of clergy and the organization of the Parishes.    Boundary changes within the Shoreham Town area have changed with the parishes St Nicolas and the Kingston Buci Parishes joining together and St Mary de Haura and the Church of the Good Shepherd joining together at the start of 2015.     Each parish retains its indivdual identity and existence.