Sep 2017

First Thoughts: Canon Ann

I am writing this on the day before the children’s holiday club, Seaside Rock, begins, and I hope the children who attend are looking forward to it as much as we, the organisers and helpers, are! It is great to see a holiday club again at the Church of the Good Shepherd. It’s also cheering to see that it is a joint venture between the Good Shepherd and her sister church in the benefice, St Mary de Haura.

I was interviewed about Seaside Rock last Sunday morning on Radio Sussex and asked why I thought it was a good thing to do. Thinking about that question made me realise all the benefits: it’s great to be able to offer this to any family in our community for a nominal charge, when so much entertainment on offer is so expensive. And it’s a fun
and interesting way of talking to children about Jesus and his friends, and giving them the opportunity to share what they learn and do at the 10am service at the Good Shepherd on Sunday (3/9).

And this will involve puppets – that’s a promise from Canon Tony!

Also, we as a church community have the opportunity to meet some of our neighbours, perhaps people who wouldn’t normally come to church. We also get to know volunteers from our two churches and spending time together and learning about each other.

We hope the children will enjoy themselves and there will be lots to report back on in next month’s magazine. But I am also aware that at this time of year, some children become anxious about going back to school because of the change it might involve for them – a new class, new teacher, perhaps a new school or college.

So let’s hold all young people and their teachers in our prayers this month as they settle into the new academic year. And we pray too, and give thanks for, our team in the church who lead 10 O’Clock Rock throughout the church year for our young folk – we hope you are all refreshed after the August break.

With love and prayers,


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